lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

Lady Gaga, carefree by her extra pounds

Lady Gaga, carefree by her extra pounds

In recent weeks the curves of the singer gave much to talk about. Even a record company suggested that lower weight. Always controversial, she showed her figure and laughed at criticism.

Lady Gaga continues with the English world tour and in recent weeks, the singer was the target of criticism by its figure. It is that for a time he was with a few extra pounds and that seems not to disturb him.

In the last recital that gave in Vancouver, the artist wore their new curves with striking outfits: different designs with transparency, fishnet stockings, tops and thongs that left everything short.

In this way, he decided to set aside the suggestion of a record company, who recommended that lower weight and change the costumes for the show by garments "that favoured it a little more". The portal Daily Mail published a series of photos of the singer of Born this way at the final concert.

Some time ago, Gaga confessed that as a teenager he suffered bulimia and anorexia, and that his career went up and fell weight several times. Currently it shows carefree and it still leaves everything above the stage despite criticism

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