martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

actor Robin Williams hanged himself with a rope

THE LOS ANGELES, United States-actor Robin Williams hanged himself with a rope, confirmed the police News Conference on Tuesday, a day after the death of the comedian, of 63 years, who was plunged into a deep depression.

"The cause of death was asphyxiation by hanging," said the official, according to the recorded by CNN chain. And he added that Williams was found by his assistant, after calling the House door and worry about not receiving response.

Earlier, the website TMZ had announced the cause of death and added that the actor took his life without leaving a suicide note.

According to the digital media, citing sources close to the situation, the corpse of the winner of the Oscar for "Good Will Hunting" was found by his assistant, after calling the House door and worry about not receiving response. Williams, apparently hanged himself in the House and not in the garage, as he speculated at first

Williams, Susan Schneider, woman was not in the House at that time, since he was doing paperwork.

TMZ was the first website to announce the surprise death of Michael Jackson in 2009. Since then it has emerged as one of the most reliable in what to black Hollywood Chronicle refers, and suggests that Robin Williams, who went through a deep depression, returned to enter a rehab clinic last month.

Sources close to the actor noted that, although he tried to help found it was too late.

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In Austria, a young star of the conditional films

In Austria, a young star of the conditional films, was arrested after filming masturbating in a parish. The police managed to stop it with the help of a fan, who recognized her by her lolas. Watch the video.

A porn star was arrested in Austria for filming when I was masturbating in the middle of a religious service in a church. The police managed to give the woman after one of his admirers recognize its lolas in the recording, which was broadcast in its censored version

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lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

Lady Gaga, carefree by her extra pounds

Lady Gaga, carefree by her extra pounds

In recent weeks the curves of the singer gave much to talk about. Even a record company suggested that lower weight. Always controversial, she showed her figure and laughed at criticism.

Lady Gaga continues with the English world tour and in recent weeks, the singer was the target of criticism by its figure. It is that for a time he was with a few extra pounds and that seems not to disturb him.

In the last recital that gave in Vancouver, the artist wore their new curves with striking outfits: different designs with transparency, fishnet stockings, tops and thongs that left everything short.

In this way, he decided to set aside the suggestion of a record company, who recommended that lower weight and change the costumes for the show by garments "that favoured it a little more". The portal Daily Mail published a series of photos of the singer of Born this way at the final concert.

Some time ago, Gaga confessed that as a teenager he suffered bulimia and anorexia, and that his career went up and fell weight several times. Currently it shows carefree and it still leaves everything above the stage despite criticism

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sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

The Russian army has strengthened its position in the vicinity of Simferopol

The Russian army has strengthened its position in the vicinity of Simferopol, sending hundreds of soldiers to a nearby base. The soldiers moved in a convoy of 50 trucks.

Its deployment coincides with the announcement Saturday by OSCE that its observers have been again rejected, with warning shots, when trying to enter in this autonomous region. It is the third time that they try to access without success, although the Mission has not been canceled.

In addition, shows a new pulse with Kiev, the self-proclaimed local Government has presented the first division of the so-called forces armed the new status of Crimean, loyal to the prorrusas authorities.

In total 30 men have sworn loyalty, to little more than one week of the referendum called by this same Government on the status of the region and their possible integration into Russia.

For the moment, however, has not occurred any armed confrontation. Not even in the vicinity of the Ukrainian military base of Sevastopol on Friday attempted to take a group of armed men without identifying. This Saturday the uniformed, supposedly Russians, have been limited to patrolling outside the facilities.
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Bayern Munich 6-1 Wolfsburg (suitable)

Pep team crushed and humiliated to VfL Wolfsburg in valid date game 24 of the Teutonic tournament.

Bayern Munich again to get another win. This time it was the executioner of VfL Wolfsburg to humiliate him by 6-1. Pep team remains more leading than ever.

Wolfsburg opened the scoring through Naldo at 17 minutes. However at 26' Xerdan Shaqiri equaled the marker. In addition, Muller put the 2-1 (63'). Shortly after, Mario Manduzkic scored 3-1.

Ribery also was present on the scoreboard by scoring 4-1 at 71 minutes. Muller returned to mark and 5-1. The Croatian Mario Mandzukic scored the final 6-1.



Min.17': Naldo to Wolfsburg.
Min.26': Shaquiri
Min.63': Müller
Min.66': Mandzukic.
Min.71': Ribery
Min.78': Müller.
Min.80': Mandzukic. for bayern
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For mature, Venezuela does not live a desperate situation

TAS "harassment" denounced by the chain to its correspondents, the President received them in Miraflores. There, he denied the persecution of the press, redoubled attacks on the opposition and asked to establish a new relationship with the United States

For mature, Venezuela does not live a desperate situation

The international press is welcome in Venezuela,"said President Nicolas Maduro in an interview with the CNN chain issued Friday. The chain was the target of attacks from the Government, and "harassment" its journalists, according to their own complaints. Even the President had threatened to expel the channel and revoked the licenses of their correspondents for a time during the coverage of the political crisis shaking the country.

"We have always guaranteed freedom of expression. We have fifteen years of democratic, constitutional and peaceful revolution,"Maduro said in the interview with journalist Christiane Amanpour.

In the case of CNN journalists in Spanish, whose credentials were revoked last February 21, Maduro said that "it is a different case".

"I think that the paper who have served, who met two weeks ago in Venezuela was very harmful and dangerous, because they promoted a foreign intervention in our country," he said.

"I made a warning public as part of the democratic debate, and I think they changed, they changed partially, they rectified and welcome that change," he added.

As regards allegations of assault journalists in Venezuela, Maduro said he knows only the case of two foreign correspondents, who did not identify, harassed by "groups of the extreme right in a sector of middle-class".

"That information was not transmitted by the press due to the ongoing campaign to show Venezuela as a country into violence and chaos, in which the foreign press is attacked," he added.

The relationship with the United States

Regarding the diplomatic situation, the President said seeking "respect" for his country and dialogue with the United States, despite differences in the past weeks, in which also appointed a new Ambassador to the White House.

"I have sent many messages; We want a new kind of relationship based on respect, recognition of what we are,"he said.

"My message is respect, dialogue, the overcoming of the visions that we have about our country. Precisely, made the decision to appoint a new Ambassador to United States,"said Maduro, a vacancy from 2010 when both countries expelled their respective ambassadors.

Mature appointed a few days ago a new Ambassador to the White House, Max Arveláiz, "a great diplomat who knows the world and United States", in which said "trusting" and that "it will be very useful" establishing new relationships.

In the last year all attempts to mend their relationships failed. However, the United States is the main buyer of Venezuelan oil.

Maduro also said that relations with the United States "are very good. Our relations with workers, artists and intellectuals"but considers that there is a"powerful elite"who wants to"economic control"of Latin America.

Members of the Bolivarian National Guard repressed protests against Maduro

"The American elite has a project: hegemony and control (but) there is a new reality in Latin America." We are trying to find new models"said Maduro, who warned that if they impose a right rather than the current Government there would be"chaos"and that"the Venezuelan people will never abandon the ideals that Chávez gave us".

"Do not come in a dead end in relation to Venezuela and Latin America. "Our message to all in power in United States is respect for Venezuela, respect America Latin, and we are going to establish new levels of relations", said.

The protests and the opposition

In the interview, Maduro accused a "minority" of the opposition of provoking violent protests and said that the United States Government would do the same to him if a group threatening to topple the Government of Barack Obama.

"What would happen in the United States if some group said he will set fire to the country so that President Obama will be, waive, to change the constitutional Government? Surely the State would react, I would use all the forces that gives the law to restore order,"he said.

According to the President, who has advanced this "violent" plan is a minority of the opposition which "has put in trouble the rest of opposition political leaders".

Maduro said that such opposition has the "brand" of participating in the coup d'etat against Chavez in 2002 and pointed out it is to that group specifically which considers "fascis
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Arsenal golea to Everton's FA Cup semi-finalist Sports

Arsenal won 4-1 at Everton at the Emirates Stadium today, and thus settled in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, to the conquest of a title, after several years of drought.
With the results of the latest dates, the Arsenal left the top of the Premier League and after the 2-0 loss to Bayern against, appear to be on the verge of elimination from the Champions League, the FA Cup is a good consolation for the Gunners.

This day at home, the team managed by Frenchman Arsene Wenger showed superiority over his opponent while the score became 1-1, Mesut Özil German opened the scoring for locals, seven minutes and the Belgian Romelu Lukaku had tied momentarily 32.

In the second period, the Londoners regained the advantage and its domain yielded fruits, 68 minutes the Spanish Mikel Arteta placed 2-1 shot from the criminal manchon. In the last 10 minutes Arsenal sealed the win with the two goals from Frenchman Olivier Giroud for the final 4-1.

This victory placed the Arsenal in the "semis" the copero-oldest tournament in the world, after the got scoring, Wenger team should focus and work to go to Bayern in Germany, when Wednesday measure forces in the "return" of the second round of the Champions League

The "Gunners" won a title for the last time in 2005 precisely when they were crowned in the FA Cup, since despite being actors in the competitions, always have been left with empty hands.
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