sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

Bayern Munich 6-1 Wolfsburg (suitable)

Pep team crushed and humiliated to VfL Wolfsburg in valid date game 24 of the Teutonic tournament.

Bayern Munich again to get another win. This time it was the executioner of VfL Wolfsburg to humiliate him by 6-1. Pep team remains more leading than ever.

Wolfsburg opened the scoring through Naldo at 17 minutes. However at 26' Xerdan Shaqiri equaled the marker. In addition, Muller put the 2-1 (63'). Shortly after, Mario Manduzkic scored 3-1.

Ribery also was present on the scoreboard by scoring 4-1 at 71 minutes. Muller returned to mark and 5-1. The Croatian Mario Mandzukic scored the final 6-1.



Min.17': Naldo to Wolfsburg.
Min.26': Shaquiri
Min.63': Müller
Min.66': Mandzukic.
Min.71': Ribery
Min.78': Müller.
Min.80': Mandzukic. for bayern

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