sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

The Russian army has strengthened its position in the vicinity of Simferopol

The Russian army has strengthened its position in the vicinity of Simferopol, sending hundreds of soldiers to a nearby base. The soldiers moved in a convoy of 50 trucks.

Its deployment coincides with the announcement Saturday by OSCE that its observers have been again rejected, with warning shots, when trying to enter in this autonomous region. It is the third time that they try to access without success, although the Mission has not been canceled.

In addition, shows a new pulse with Kiev, the self-proclaimed local Government has presented the first division of the so-called forces armed the new status of Crimean, loyal to the prorrusas authorities.

In total 30 men have sworn loyalty, to little more than one week of the referendum called by this same Government on the status of the region and their possible integration into Russia.

For the moment, however, has not occurred any armed confrontation. Not even in the vicinity of the Ukrainian military base of Sevastopol on Friday attempted to take a group of armed men without identifying. This Saturday the uniformed, supposedly Russians, have been limited to patrolling outside the facilities.

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